How To Boost Employee Morale During Lockdown

How To Boost Employee Morale During Lockdown

The outbreak of coronavirus, followed by the lockdown, presents corporations with a dual challenge.

On the one hand, companies are struggling to stay afloat and meet their targets. While on the other hand, employees are locked at home, trying to perform and keep their job while bearing everything that comes with social isolation. 

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But sometimes, even the best workers need motivation.

Here are some practical ideas to boost employee morale until the lockdown finally leaves us. 


To start, you need to realize that your employees are not enjoying the luxury of working from home. Instead, they are trying to work while locked at home. Understand the difference. 

Some employees have kids to take care of, while others are battling for bandwidth with roommates who are also working. Still, others are living alone. 

And while it isn’t practical to accommodate each remote worker’s needs, you should empathize with their situation.


For most professionals, the workplace is the locus of their social interactions. And for that to go away suddenly has come down hard on many. 

That is why communication is all the more critical during the lockdown. This goes beyond video conferencing on work-related matters. You should also encourage team members to catch up occasionally during the week. After all, they do miss their office gossip!

On a serious note, honesty is also required now more than ever before. So tell your employees if things are going great at the company, or if there are dark times ahead.


Employers also need to be flexible. It is evident now that a strict 9-5 schedule doesn’t work during the lockdown. After all, not everyone has a dedicated workspace at home. 

Moreover, many are also struggling with mental health while adjusting to the new work environment. All this takes a toll, which is why even the best employees may not be putting up their A-game. 

So if you sense low motivation or bitterness in your team, this is the time for support, not blame.  


You can continue to discuss targets and performance, but understand that employees at home are not equipped to give their best. You need to provide tools to help teams work remotely.

Many companies are sending care packages to their employees at home, which includes essential office supplies, so they have everything they need to work remotely. 


Last but not least, encourage employees to have fun. Continue celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries via video. Complementing them with small gifts will do wonders for employee motivation. 

Other fun activities that you can organize include Netflix watch parties, reading clubs, and work-out challenges. Oh, and don’t forget to share the best memes of the day with your team!

These are some of the ways you can boost company morale in the current scenario. Of course, having dedicated and self-motivating employees makes the job easier.

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