Everything You Must Know About Digital Printing In Packaging

Everything You Must Know About Digital Printing In Packaging

Digital printing is all around us, from giant billboards on the freeway to printed documents at work. The process involves transferring a digital layout onto a printing substrate.

The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the technology have made it viable for packaging processes. 

And the permeation of digital capabilities has created new opportunities for workers with design, IT, and customer service capabilities.

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In today’s blog, we discuss digital printing and its applications and benefits for the packaging industry.

Digital Printing For Packaging

Digital printers accept graphic and text output and transfer documents on a desktop or a digital storage device to a specific printing substrate. During the process, information on the document being printed is converted to binary code and saved on a device for later reproduction. 

Moreover, digital print technology eliminates the need for separate plates for each print run, unlike conventional methods like offset and flexo printing. That is not to say that traditional printing techniques have lost their relevance for the packaging industry. In fact, they can be paired with digital for better outcomes. 

As all colors are printed in a single pass, digital printing saves packaging companies time and money. This is especially true for printing short runs where you need less than 100 pieces. 

Digital Printing & Sustainability

Increased awareness of climate change and the lessons learned from COVID-19 will cause an increasing number of companies to opt for sustainable packaging solutions. And this is another area where digital printing is viable, as it results in lesser air pollution and waste cartridges.  


The packaging is an integral part of how customers view a brand. And that’s why businesses look for versatile packaging solutions. Digital printing offers you that versatility, as it is quantity-flexible and cost-effective. 

The ability to print small runs quickly and cheaply will help your clients (mainly restaurants and retail stores) order various packaging styles in one go. You can even mix and match packages for customers.

Print Multiple Colors Simultaneously

Finally, digital printing enables you to print multiple colors without any additional charges for more colors.

In the early days, digital printing didn’t offer the same image quality as offset printing. Moreover, you could only print a few types of paper materials digitally. However, the quality of digital printing currently resembles that of offset printing, and it works well on most stocks (corrugated, chipboard, grey boards, wood, metal, glass, and tiles, etc.)

For all these reasons, digital printing for packaging is one of the leading trends to look out for in 2021 and beyond.  

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