Direct Hire

The Arête Group assists Converting, Printing and Packaging industries with their labor needs through its direct hire service. We find several direct hires such as supervisors, purchasers, salespeople, and numerous technicians who hold years of field experience to add value to your organization and boost its production, sales, and revenue margins.

How We Work?

With such qualified and dedicated workers as part of your workforce, you inevitably begin to claim a name for yourself within the industry. We have the necessary set of tools to help you find workers who will become permanent members of your organization and leverage their talents in leaving an everlasting impression on you and your clients. Our team of staffing professionals will work hand-in-hand with you to understand your needs and goals for your organization's success. They will list down your core objectives, your main criteria, and your pain points you wish to eliminate in your new workforce structure. Based on those requirements, we will deliver only the most sought-after candidates that check every box from the list.

Why Hire Through Us?

The reason why having qualified workers is so critical is mainly because bad hires cost you precious time, and can easily put your revenue, company reputation, and company culture at stake. Getting direct hires from The Arête Group will ensure you only get in touch with professionals who have earned a respectable presence within the Converting, Printing and Packaging industry. Hiring through Arête will produce fruitful results for both you and your workers. We help workers leverage offers and various benefits which will make their employment experience under your company a satisfying and fulfilling one. A perfect win-win situation if you ask us! Another lesser-known benefit of hiring workers through Arête is that you get to save annuity costs of temporary or contract workers. With full-time, permanent workers, you get to establish their fixed annuity costs and fringe benefits while knowing they will be working under your company for a very long time ahead. Also, our team will help you find individuals who meet the targets you have laid out for vacant positions that so far, no one else has been able to meet.

Our Peace Offering

Your organization deserves to have dedicated employees who view the company like family, and not a dull corporate environment. We exclusively offer small and large scale businesses in the Converting, Printing and Packaging sector loyal candidates looking for permanent positions to call their second home. We only put forth the best of the best – the crème de la crème if you will – and offer full support to companies until they are satisfied and content with their new hires. Is your current staff slacking on the tasks you have delegated to them lately? If so, you might want to schedule a free consultation with our experts to get your hands on a group of employees who know the ins and outs of your industry!

Recruitment Partner Services

What makes us gleam with pride is that not only do we provide you top-class direct placement recruitment services, but also an all-inclusive recruitment partner service.

How It Works?

Recruitment partner service is our service where we, The Arête Group, help businesses with the recruitment process by assigning them a partner they can rely on. Unlike old-school methods of recruitment, in which several weeks go by and all you receive is a pile of resumes of unqualified candidates, our recruitment partner examines the resumes for you.

Meaning, you, as the company, don’t need to get involved in the lengthy hiring phase and exhausting process of finding a suitable candidate. Our recruitment partner will jot down the list of requirements you have for a potential applicant, and then accordingly, will scan resumes that meet those requirements.

This way, by hiring our recruitment partner, you can say goodbye to wasting your money, time, and energy on having to painfully evaluate resumes that just won’t do!

Turning to us for a recruitment partner is not only a wise choice to make but a necessary one since many start-up companies are struggling to reach their intended targets. The last thing you or any company would want is to waste away large fees on finding the perfect contender in these dark times.

Why Is Our Recruitment Partner Service Extraordinary?

The reason why our recruitment partner service is extraordinary and necessary is that we become an extension of your team. Our recruitment charges don’t exceed the typical 20% or higher; rather, we are a fixed-base company that deals with no standard placement fees! 

In addition to our flexible pricing, we intend on always keeping you in the loop so you are assured all your requirements are being followed to a T. We stand by delivering transparent services and prices so you are never caught off-guard during the recruitment process, and prepares you to plan out your recruitment budget for the entire year.

What Are The Benefits Of Seeking Our Recruitment Partner Services?

The benefits are endless when it comes to our fixed price model, and includes;

  • No charges for asking questions – call us at any time for information or complaints.

  • You are informed of all the costs from the get-go.

  • No surprise invoices.

  • No finders or placement fees.

When it comes to dealing with a limited number of talented and dynamic individuals, The Arête Group is your number one pit-stop in managing your company’s recruitment process like a breeze. Leave it to us to expand your team with energetic, skilled, and action-oriented employees who were born to make a difference in the world!

What makes The Arête Group frequently revisited by companies around the USA is our nurtured environment of trust where our clients feel their problems can get resolved. Arête is no doubt a problem-solving arena for Converting, Printing and Packaging companies and explains why we have managed to successfully save companies 500% per year on their standard recruitment rates.

Finding a replacement no longer has to be frustrating thanks to our recruitment partner services. Schedule a free consultation and one of our recruitment experts will help you find the most capable candidate for the job!

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing service entails offering payroll services, 1099 to W-2 conversions, contract-to-direct conversions, and not to forget, sorting out on-going temp needs.  Whatever your company needs in terms of staffing solutions in the current market, we are here to help!

How Do We Contract Staff?

Contract staffing is essentially leaving our team at Arête to evaluate the candidate’s skills before finalizing them on a permanent employment contract. But we don’t just cover that. We transgress all bounds in ensuring you get the right candidate at the right time, for the right job! This is why we provide temp-to-direct conversions for our clients to avoid any interruptions in the company’s progress.

Another reason why contract staffing is such a popular service is that it is cost-effective and minimizes the transfer gap when going from temp to permanent employment. Skilled workers, or temps, are no longer kept in limbo as to whether or not they will be finalized for full-time employment.

This cultivates an environment of security for both the employee and the business in knowing that the contract is long term and will not be interrupted due to having unprofessional and unqualified workers.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

Contract staffing helps companies immediately hire staff without facing setbacks in their production and sales targets. This then reduces the stress, and not to mention the unnecessary overhead costs, that result from stalling the hiring process. 

Furthermore, seeking The Arête Group‘s contract staffing service will help businesses looking for qualified staff members to maintain budget controls throughout the year. By doing so, they will see for themselves just where they were overspending in the pursuit of finding suitable and skilled employees for the job!

When you pick our contract staffing service, you are basically taking a glimpse of what you may be signing up for before hiring an employee long-term. The contract staffing period is where employees will work for you during a certain time frame. This will allow you to assess them during the contract period and decide whether or not they fit into your company’s structure.

Another advantage of contract staffing is that it decreases the number of staffing and recruiting vendors. Meaning, you no longer have to pay thousands upon thousands to a long list of staffing suppliers to scout appropriate workers when The Arête Group will take care of all your staffing needs for you! 

Our Aim

Our aim is to make sure agreeable candidates are matched according to the level of your company’s projects. So if you need a Project Engineer who holds ten years of project management experience for Company X, we will link that employee to you if that’s the degree your company’s project is on.

We don’t like to keep anyone waiting. This is why our contract staffing service is so amazing. It involves a quick hiring process without involving major business liabilities, and, reduces employment costs down to zero.

Looking to select a candidate? Shift your staffing worries to us by clicking here for a free consultation!