Constantly Filling Positions At Your Packaging Company Is Costing You Millions, Here’s How We Can Help

Constantly Filling Positions At Your Packaging Company Is Costing You Millions, Here’s How We Can Help

We here at The Arete Group specialize in the growing Packaging and Flexible Packaging space with their immediate talent needs.  From Packaging Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Flexo Operators, Corrugated professionals, to top Packaging Sales talent and everything in between. That is what we do exclusively, and we do not play in any other industry such as Finance, Bio-Tech, Aerospace, etc. We only focus on Packaging and are the leaders in providing top Packaging talent to our partners.

As most know, the industry has had a massive surge in demand over the past few months due to Covid-19 showing how important the sector is to keep the world moving forward.

For example, with a majority of people in the world working from home over the past few months, some of the leading takeout and delivery companies have had to order more and more specific carry out bags and adding in tamper-proof labels (3 Sigma in Troy, OH and Lancaster, OH) to ensure safety.  Companies like Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, Swiggy, Zomato (just to name a few), have been thriving.  But who has been supporting their massive growth?

Packaging and Paper Bag companies such as American Paper Bag, International Paper, WestRock, Novolex and ProAmpac. Obviously, there are a lot more, but these are some of the ones we’ve seen first hand make a great impact lately.

Also, let us look at your everyday Amazon deliveries, Target deliveries and other food delivery companies who use Corrugated boxes. Who makes that happen?  Companies like WestRock, Packaging Corporation of America, Michigan Box, DS Smith, etc.

When people think of Packaging, they typically think of just a “cardboard box”, however the industry is much bigger than that.  Look around. For example, all the food at the grocery store is in some sort of package, with labels, in a wrapper and we haven’t even touched on the Flexo or Digital printing side of the business. PACKAGING IS EVERYWHERE and that’s where we come in.

It can be extremely overwhelming for companies to find their top talent as most other Staffing and Recruitment firms go so wide with their offerings that they don’t really understand the complexities involved in helping the companies in the Packaging and Flexible Packaging space be successful.

We do.

How do we do that?  Growing up, our President & CEO Billy Baumann was around the Packaging world seeing what works, what doesn’t work, what is needed for companies to be successful, what it takes to run a Flexo Press to a complete Corrugated line.  Prior to starting The Arete Group, we were building the machinery and providing the automation solutions to the biggest Packaging companies in the world.  Then it clicked when having a conversation with a customer of ours who was having a major problem trying to find talent for their billion-dollar company.  Getting people in the door for them wasn’t an issue but retaining and actually working with firms that understand their business was.  That is where we came in and knew that is a huge void we could fill.  Not only do we understand what it takes for Packaging companies to be successful, but we have relationships with all the major firms across the country and know the ins and outs of their business.

To sum this up, we know that the Packaging and Flexible Packaging space is at a point where you need top talent more than ever and we are the team to help you succeed.  Please reach out to us directly through our Chat feature with one of our internal team members located on our website or email us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to serve you and your team immediately with your Direct Hire or Contract Placement needs.

Finally, next time you get a delivery or pick up your Starbucks look at the bottom of the box, bag, or cup and you will see who was behind that package!