5 Tips To Getting Hired In A Cut-Throat Economy

5 Tips To Getting Hired In A Cut-Throat Economy

We’ve seen it all. Crashing stock markets, bursting housing bubbles, and deadly viruses. As we write this, millions of people are out of work across the United States. Sharing statistics and economic forecasts won’t help anyone. Let’s just simply say that the situation is bleak, and will continue to remain so for at least a little while. 

It hurts when you fail to land your dream job because of a cut-throat economy. At The Arête Group, we help professionals in the packaging and manufacturing industry find jobs they love. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

And today, we will share some tips to help you improve your chances of getting hired in any economy.

1. Make a Contacts List

The first thing you need to do to improve your chances of getting a great job in a tough market is creating a list of contacts. Don’t reach them out just yet. Simply list down people you know in Wisconsin who you think can help you get hired. They don’t have to be your closest friends or family members. These can be anyone from high school alumni to a person you met on vacation. 

Some of them will not have the right connections. Others might not be willing to help. Therefore, try to list down as many contacts as possible.

2. Filter Your Connections

The next step is to filter these contacts based on the two factors mentioned above. Namely, i) the strength of their connections and ii) their willingness to help you. 

Once you do that, go to the bottom of the list and start making calls. The idea is to practice what you have to say without sounding desperate or nervous.

And while each conversation will be different, you should be honest about why you called, the job you are looking for, and what makes you qualified for it. This is necessary because not everyone who knows you knows your need and aspirations.

3. Know When To Stop

Ideally, you should talk to all your contacts in Wisconsin, at least all the top ones on your list. But soon, you will realize whether the exercise is helping or not. If you talk to a few people, your chances will be dim. On the other hand, talking to a lot of people might waste precious time. The idea is to stop as soon as you have enough leads to boost your chances of landing a job, allowing you to focus on preparing for interviews.

4. Follow Up

By now, you will have several leads. This also includes new people that may be recommended by your existing contacts. You will have to be pro-active in following up with your leads. Maintain a spreadsheet where you can sort leads by name, job title, company, probability of receiving an offer, and every conversation date.

5. Prepare for the Interview

As you reach out to potential employers following these tips, don’t forget your job-seeking basics. No matter where you are in your career, it is never a bad idea to update your resume and practice your interview skills.

Also, use the internet to your advantage. Try to look up everything you can on the company. And don’t refrain from stalking your potential employers on Facebook and Instagram!

In the end, we would like to say that despite the current job market, you have a lot going in your favor. The internet and digital tools not just allow you to look for jobs and give interviews remotely, but they free you from geographical restrictions. 

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