5 Signs Your Employee Is About To Quit

5 Signs Your Employee Is About To Quit

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But hiring the best people is not enough; you also need to retain them. There are 101 reasons why even star employees quit their jobs and move to another organization. Mean bosses, better offers, burnout, etc.

We have talked about successful employee management before. And in today’s blog, we will list 5 tell-tale signs that your employee is planning to resign. Some of these signs are subtle, while others are blatant. The point is to recognize them and find healthy ways to keep an employee on board or send them off on a positive note. 

 1. Change Of Appearance

To start, how an employee dresses up can indicate many things. For instance, new suits, stylish outfits, and fresh haircuts may signify that they are going out for interviews. 

On the flip side, you may notice that an employee is dressing informally or paying no attention to grooming. In this case, it’s possible that they feel discouraged or neglected or have just stopped caring. And a resignation may be on its way. 

2. Missing In Action

Secondly, an employee who is busy interviewing, or even one who loathes their job, is usually MIA. They start coming late more often, are nowhere to be seen during work hours, and ask for an unusual amount of sick days. 

3. Lackluster Performance

An employee may be on the verge of leaving your company if they have started to underperform their job. It seems as if they are going through the motions at the office while not feeling any excitement or sense of responsibility. They may become more reserved and stop taking the initiative. Don’t ignore these signs.

4. Total Communication Breakdown

Following the previous point, you may notice that an employee is actively avoiding communication, even eye contact. Sometimes this happens because they feel guilty about leaving their job and accepting another offer. So be alarmed if an employee is trying to avoid contact. 

5. Emotional Indicators

Finally, emotional exhaustion leads many employees to quit. If an employee is planning to resign, you may notice they have become overtly moody. Complaints and criticism abound, and such employees also become rude with customers. Maybe they are just looking for an excuse to storm out!

But appearances can betray. Sometimes, an employee who quits becomes even happier and more productive at work! It may be because they feel that they have moved forward in their careers.  

That sums it up. Watch out for these warning signs so you can intervene before it’s too late. It’s never a good idea to be vindictive if an employee is exploring other opportunities. If you genuinely want them to stay, address their concerns, and find ways to improve.

At The Arête Group, we provide staffing solutions to converting, printing, and packaging companies in Dallas and across the US

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