5 Packaging Trends You Need To Lookout For In 2021

5 Packaging Trends You Need To Lookout For In 2021

No matter how good your product is, packaging matters. More than being a container for your product, packaging incorporates everything from design, safety, and even marketing. In fact, how you package your product is essential for branding. 

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When choosing the right packaging, it’s always a good idea to look into the trends. Here are the top 5 packaging trends you need to look out for in 2021. 

1. Minimalism

Minimalism has permeated everything, from creating logos to the way we design interiors. So why not promote minimalism in your product packaging? 

A minimalistic design is all about keeping your packaging simple. The design should be uncluttered and straightforward. Among other benefits, minimalism helps promote the idea that you don’t have to hide your product behind fancy graphics. 

So how do you promote minimalism with product packaging? One way to go about it is by using high contrast elements on simple backgrounds. Or you can simply make one aspect of your brand story prominent. 

Many companies opting for minimalism also go for natural and soft colors in their packaging. Examples include light blue, cream, and pale pink. Black and white packaging is also considered minimalist, but it is fairly ubiquitous.

2. Interactive

Second on our list is interactive packaging, which incorporates technology into how you package your products. Tech interactive elements include QE codes, social media tiles, and even interactive games. When incorporating interactive elements in your packages, you should ensure that they correlate to your brand’s overall story and vision.  

3. Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly or sustainable packaging is all the rage. As your customers become more eco-conscious, they prefer brands that also promote similar values. This also makes eco-friendly packaging an excellent sales strategy. 

When customers buy products with sustainable packaging, they have the assurance that the box or wrapping will not end in a landfill once it’s discarded. 

If you are looking for sustainable options, consider replacing plastic with something safer for the environment. Of course, the choice of non-plastic packaging will depend on the nature of your product.     

4. Transparent Packages

While not a new trend, revealing packaging is increasing in popularity. For one thing, transparent packages clearly display the product inside, automatically creating customer interest. This type of packaging also helps to ensure the authenticity of your business. 

Basically, you’re conveying the message that ‘what you see is what you get.’ This is a much-needed message people need to hear in the era of false advertising!

5. Bold Patterns

Finally, bold patterns are another hot packaging trend that many brands have already adopted. This may seem the opposite of minimalism, but you can create uncluttered designs with bold patterns as well.

Conversely, if all your competitors also offer minimalist packaging, then bold patterns will help you stand out from the crowd. 

These are some of the latest packaging trends you can pursue in 2021. You can also opt for flat illustrations.

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