5 New Year’s Resolutions For Recruiters

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Recruiters

It’s that time of the year again. In a few days, everyone will repeat the ‘I’ll resolve to [fill in the blank]’ mantra. And while you go about planning your vision for 2021, it’s also a good time to set some recruitment goals for your company. 

The economy is yet to recover from the pandemic. This means you have to cut costs during recruitment while also being sensitive to the candidates. And companies and agencies hiring with this combination in mind will see recruitment success in the coming months. 

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In today’s blog, we list five New Year’s Resolutions for recruitment that we deem fit for 2021, both for our company and recruiters across the country. 

We resolve to:

1. Think Like Marketers

Start the new year by taking some cues from your marketing and sales department.

Why? Because you are essentially selling roles to candidates.

So improve your marketing as you promote job titles and descriptions on your website, social media channels, and job placement sites. Put in the extra effort, and make it easy for the right candidates to find you (instead of waiting for them to show up). 

2. Make Hiring A Team Effort 

Recruiters like to see the words ‘team player’ on a resume. But can they say the same for themselves?

Hiring is a team effort, and working in tandem with other departments makes the job easier. In fact, it will be good practice in the coming years to have everyone in your company scout talent. Encourage them to share job postings on their social media accounts and tap into each other’s networks to find worthy candidates. 

3. Never Ghost Candidates

Even if recruiters don’t do it intentionally, ghosting is a widespread practice that leaves candidates in a rough spot. And no one needs a rough spot in 2021. 

Start by ensuring that to at least thank candidates for their time and follow-up whenever you can. And then go the extra mile:

  • Be transparent with your processes.
  • Keep candidates in the loop (especially the ones who aren’t currently employed)
  • Avoid sending generic emails, even to rejected candidates.

Most importantly, let’s try to be more sensitive in the coming year. 

4. Be More Creative

COVID-19 has forced even the most traditional of companies to get creative and innovative. And you should do the same for all your future hires. Try to learn new tools, immerse yourself in social platforms, and step out of your comfort zone. 

And whether you are an HR professional or a placement agency, try to learn more about the industries you’re hiring for (converting, packaging, andprinting.)

5. Clean Up The Database

With changes in labor laws and hiring policies, it’s good to clean up your database (and keep it clean for the rest of the year!) This will help you comply with labor legislation and also keep in touch with candidates on your system. 

What are your corporate New Year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

At The Arête Group, we provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions to converting, printing, and packaging companies in Detroit and across the US

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