4 Digital Printing Technology Trends To Keep An Eye Out For 2021

4 Digital Printing Technology Trends To Keep An Eye Out For 2021

Indeed, technological advancement is unstoppable and incredible. Regardless of what happens globally, technological innovation is continuously evolving, especially in the digital printing business.

With every passing day, the opposite happens: it continues to grow enormously and in ways that sometimes seem extraordinary to us.

For a long time, digital printing was seen as a high-cost service that took several days to complete. However, much has evolved in this industry since the transformation by innovative technologies that have given rise to much more sophisticated digital equipment.

This evolution, coupled with new consumer tastes, has given digital printing a new boom, expanding its markets and providing small companies and print shops excellent opportunities to grow their businesses.

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This article will shed light on four trends in the digital printing industry for the year 2021.

1. The Page Growth Opportunities

A key growth area in the digital industry for the upcoming years is the applications where the printing of traditional pages will migrate to digital printing. While digital printing has been seen in transactional printing, direct mail, marketing collateral, books, and specialty large-format graphics, the move toward personalization will drive even greater activity in catalogs, magazines, and all other forms of packaging.

2. Digital Packaging with Digital Printing

Digital printing is considered the next frontier for packaging products and brands. That’s why the packaging printers and converters are taking advantage of its efficiency and personalization benefits to speed up the market.

While the packaging industry is using digital printing for more than two decades, in 2021, new standards will be set until people recognize its actual value. Meanwhile, the field experts advise entrepreneurs to assess where digital packaging technology fits into their mix to make the most out of it in the years to come.

3. Print Enhancement

With the advent of digital printing technologies, print providers can tailor their services for shorter runs and customize parts to drive differentiation and profit. Without a doubt, 2021 would be an excellent time to provide printing and packaging services that add value to monochrome or color printed pages.

4. Print Drives Digital

A critical factor for print service providers to consider in 2021 is that print is a catalyst for driving consumers to digital channels.

Printing is an ally of digital marketing, and service providers must understand how to integrate printing with augmented reality, QR codes, NFC tags, and social and mobile channels. If businesses successfully identify ways to incorporate printing technology into their system, there’s no stopping them from reaching their goals!

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